Informations about Caretta – Caretta

The sea turtle Caretta-Caretta distinguished from other turtles from the large head. Zakynthos and in particular Laganas bay is one of the most significantly shelters protected turtles in Greece.They lay their eggs in the beach where they were born and this is the reason why the protection of beaches where place their eggs are environmental importance so as to ensure that nests hatched successfully.
The most important trip of Caretta –Caretta is the fisrt as it relies on instinct and DNA to find the orientation.Only if managed the fisrt timewill be returned after a few decades in the same place to give birth and perpetuate its unique species.
The beaches in Zakynthos specifically in Laganas bay is very important in the fight of rescue of turtle since these beaches have the highest concentration of turtle nesting sites than elsewhere in the Mediterranean with almost 1500 nests at only 5 km beach.900 turtles come to lay their eggs on the beaches of Zakynthos.