Informations about Zakynthos’ ShipWreck

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world featured zakynthos’ shipwreck and not without reason. A “happy accident” in 1982 last forever there the “Panagiotis” with stealthy commodity to decorate this lovely beach with the white sands and blue waters.

In the beginning all the inhabitants had alarmed because of the environmental destruction that they believe would create the specific ship with the load as a consequence to the tourism of the island.But soon after was attraction for tourists domestic and non.
It is no coincidence that international newspapers include her in the 23 most beautiful beaches in the world. Huffinghton post classified her as the most beautiful among the beaches of Mexico, Australia and Seychelles.
The wreck of the ship in combined with breathtaking scenery challenge and invite quests on the island that nobody waited.
Although the beauty existed forever it is a beach which has difficult accessibility because of geographical point.Dry should arrive at the Monastery of Saint George of the Cliffs.Further down the monastery there is an iron platform hanging in limbo and from this point you can admire from above the beautiful beach but without being able to come down.